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  1. sean bond

    Rules are bad in this game!

    many esailors think about real sailing rules when they(we) play this game(i do also). still very hard to discuss about the rules when we play this game. but it’s also pretty hard to be a gentleman in this game when we want to win. every esailor knows there should be a manner for racing. VR TEAM know it and they have been struggling for this game getting better. let’s be patient and enjoy this game, Mr :) heating up is “the game” :)
  2. sean bond

    road to sarasota

    congrats, KZ-7 :)
  3. sean bond


    congrats to sailors whom qualified !! looking forward to watching the "Kings" regattas !!!
  4. sean bond

    Number of races per challenge

    agree. and it’s gonna be the money game.