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2 questions from a new e-sailor

Wylie Wombat

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Hi all.  I joined Virtual Regatta today 25 September, so there would be one more Australian to show the rest of the world how to sail ;-)  New Zealander's are as good as Aussies so they don't count.

My questions are

1 - How do I add a picture beside my name in the forum?

2 - I read on a blog something I am sure is not true but thought I would check to be sure.  The blogger said that if you buy upgrades for your boat, and then enter a race, a soon as the race finishes you lose the upgrades and have to buy new ones if you want to use them in the next race you enter.  I cannot believe this can be true, but as I said I thought I would ask as that would make Virtual Regatta almost as expensive a racing an 18 foot skiff with no sponsorship.

Going to practice to get an idea of how the boats handle and then start racing.

It is a crazy Covid world we live is so keep 2 meters from people and wear a mask to keep yourself and those you care about safe and well.

Wylie Wombat™️ 


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Hello and welcome to VR,

Concerning the sailing qualities of the Australians, we have no doubts. On VR we will wait a bit to judge 🤣🤣🤣

To add a photo to your nickname, everything happens from your profile 


On the other hand, I confirm that the options purchased on a race are only valid for one race. To be able to benefit from it on the next race, you have to buy it back.

There is a system of tokens on VR which are allocated free of charge at the start of the race or which are won at the end of the race depending on the result obtained. It is of course possible to buy tokens.

The training mode does not exist on VR Offshore. You will therefore have to participate in the races to improve your navigation.

You will find on the forum many tips and guides to help you discover our game.

I can advise you to browse the VR help available in English : https://virtualregatta.zendesk.com/hc/en-us

Thank you for your prudent advice and take care of yourself.

Good navigation




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